Adoption Status: 
Needs Foster: 
domestic short hair cat
under 1 year
Good with cats
Litter trained

My nurse met this guy while walking on the street.
He came to her and started purring right away.
She took him to my hospital back yard, where there is food and houses for cats so that he can eat and relax.
But he asked us to open the hospital door, saying that he wanted to come in so we just let him in.
As soon as he came in, he stared to eat, drink and play and then fell a sleep on my lap, purring and farting (lol)
He loved everyone he mets here. Of course everyone adored him a lot

He is now in a foster home. There is a cat in his foster home and he is good with him so I guess he is friendly with other cats too.

I have been working as a vet for the past 11 years or so and met so many cats so far but he is sooooo special!!
Never seen a cat so friendly. Omg. He is sooooo adorable

He seems healthy, no signs of any symptoms.
Will start vaccinate him next week.
Did deworming and flea prevention, just in case.

If you want, you can come and meet him!

adoption fee: 50,000 won , and I will donate it all to an animal shelter

Current Location: 
Location Status: 
In a home
Adoption Fee: 
50 000Won
Contact Name: 
Mina Seo
Contact Email: