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For Adoption
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under 1 year
0-5 kg
White, with blonde
Good with kids
Good with dogs
Good with cats
House trained
Leash trained

Looking for a kind and sweet soul or the perfect cuddle buddy? Then look no further than Seymour!
Seymour is a 1 year old, small sized (about 4 kg), mixed breed who is looking for his forever home. He was picked up from a shelter in Busan where there was little to no information about him or his past. When we first got him, he was very quiet and shy, understandable in his situation. But after a few days he started to show his true colors. He is still, and probably always will be, a quiet dog. When he wants you to do things, like go for a walk, be pet, or fed, he will use physical gestures to get you attention instead of winning and barking. Also when I got him, his potty training was something to be desired, with a few accidents occurring. But with time he has become trained with pads inside the apartment, although he prefers to go outside. He hasn’t had an accident in the home for a long time now. And finally, Seymour’s best quality is how friendly he is and how much he loves to cuddle. His favorite thing to do, besides playing with his ball, is to curl up next to someone and be pet. He’ll rub his face on your hands to let you know he wants a little love, and when he is ready to nap or sleep, he’ll curl up next to you to enjoy your warmth. He is friendly with all sorts of people and animals (including cats). I’ve never had an aggression problem with him and would be very surprised at it (he’s a true sweetheart).
Seymour hasn’t been neutered or completely vaccinated yet.
So if your interested in Seymour (씨머), contract me and we can see if he’s the right fir for you!

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