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Tortoise shell
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Indoor cat

Piti is one of the sweetest and most affectionate kitties you could ever hope to meet. Though she was a street cat that we brought into the house only a couple of weeks ago, she adjusted incredibly quickly and is now a full-blown indoor cat. She loves to play and to be pet! If we did not already have two cats that we are taking back to the US with us in a year or two, we would definitely keep her ourselves. Unfortunatley, it just does not seem feasible to relocate with three cats, so we are looking for a foster or (preferably) a forever home for her.

We have kept her separated from our two family cats, but in the little bit of interaction they have had, Piti has shown total submissiveness and no aggression whatsoever, going so far as flopping down onto her back and showing her belly when one of the other two hissed at her. For this reason, we think she would be able to get along with other cats well. However, being that she has not had her vaccinations yet, it would probably be better if the person who decides to adopt her did not already have any other pets, or if they are prepared to keep them well-separated until Piti can get her vaccinations.

As with any new cat, a potential adopter should expect her to need a couple of weeks to adjust to new people and a new surrounding, but we have no doubt she will be able to adjust quickly, as she adjusted to her current room in only a couple of days. Piti is a total sweetheart and would make an excellent life-long companion.

Our ideal adopter is someone looking to provide a forever home, and preferably one who has experience living with cats before.
Please contact me if you would like any additional information. We look forward to hearing from you!

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