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Korean Shorthair
under 1 year
Good with kids
Good with dogs
Good with cats
Litter trained
Indoor cat

Olive is such a fun, playful, loving, beautiful kitten. I found her in the middle of the road, in shock from cars passing by her a little over two months ago. I immediately took her to the vet who estimated that she was around 7 weeks old (making her about 4 months old now). She was so easy to litter train (one scratch of her paw in the box). I have two dogs so I have given her some space to herself in my house (to help her acclimate when I first brought her home). Sometimes she gets shut out from that space and she will let me know with a meow that she needs to go in and do her business and she has never had an accident in the house.

She has come such a long way since I brought her home. She is very social and would do best in a house with another pet that would be interested in playing with her. I assume she would be good with cats as she is pretty easy going, but only if the cat is friendly. She has gotten along incredibly well with my dogs, but they also love to play with her back. She listens quite well and has been incredibly easy to break of any bad behaviors (scratching, jumping on counters, etc). I have been using my fingers to snap at her when she does something wrong and it has worked really well. When she is really scared, she will hide under furniture, but these episodes are becoming more few and far between.

She is the typical kitten with lots of energy and curiosity. She has to explore absolutely everything once. She is vocal and likes to "talk" to you, especially when she is hungry. She has energy spurts twice a day (mostly morning and evening) where she is really, really playful and active but then she is pretty calm the rest of the time and loves to lay on or near your chest when going to sleep. She purrs when she sleeps and it the cutest thing ever. Surprisingly, she hardly sheds (maybe typical for short hair cats?).

The only reason I am putting her up for adoption is because I have two dogs and have to travel quite often as is. I've really grown to love her and would keep her if I didn't already have the two dogs.

I have been consistent in giving her heart-worm medication and she has had her first round of vaccinations. I am also happy to pay for her to be spayed, but my vet would like to wait about 6 more weeks (as her real age is unknown and she is still quite small). She comes with her bed, blanket, litter box, toys, litter, collar, remaining food.

I have a car and am willing to transport her to a good home, but please only a forever home because once she trusts you, she really does love you.

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In a home
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50 000Won
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