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under 1 year
5-10 kg
Cream & White
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Nune is an amazing dog. She is around 14kg now and is as loving and cuddly as can be. She is incredibly quick to learn and I am currently using her as my training dog while completing a dog training course, which means that she should have some pretty good habits by the time she is ready to be adopted - end of December!

She knows verbal and signal commands, loves playing with various toys, loves to play fetch, loves walking - although we are working on how excited she gets when seeing people and dogs, coz it's a little overwhelming. She eats twice a day and has zero health complications. She was recently spayed and is fully vaccinated. Nune is honestly one of the most affectionate dogs we have fostered. She will always come and sit on top of as close to you as you allow her to. She wants company, and she definitely needs a lot of mental stimulation through training and playing.

Nune is high energy. She is currently alone at home (uncrated) for about 8-9hours a day, and not at all destructive. But she DOES need 2 walks and one of them should be long, preferably a run, or long enough to really allow her to get some energy out. Going to dog parks or places she can socialize and run around is a favorite and she loves riding in the car with her head out of the window (absolutely LOVES IT!!! but we do hold onto her lead... she is still a puppy and likes to explore).

She still hates bathtime... but she will sit and wait for the okay before she starts eating her food, and hardly ever snatches treats from us anymore - when she does it is just a matter of verbally reminding her and she remembers her manners.

We are looking for the perfect home for this special dog - she can move after December 25th, 2017.
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Nune came to us very underweight with bad skin still recovering from scabies, gastrointestinal parasites, an intestinal bacteria and a cold... she was a real mess, BUT she was super sweet and very smart.

Nune (Nuni/Nune/Nuna) is a fast learner and was sitting on command on day 1. We haven't done a lot of training with her since she was quite sickly and we figured it best to help her get over her "runt mentality" of snatching food and eating SUPER fast first.
She also needs a lot of work for her leash walking... she tends to bite the leash and think it's a big game. She also growls and snaps at your legs if you run with her on the leash, thinking it is a huge game (it's like she is try herd you).

We think she has some husky and jindo in her, but it's hard to know what kind of mix she is. She has a light frame, and very gangling limbs, but i suspect she will fill out as she starts to put on more weight and build muscle/fitness.

She eats morning and night, and walks 2-3times a day. She has learnt not to pee or poop in the house but as a puppy she can still sometimes use a pee pad for those times when she cannot wait any longer.

She HATES bathing, it is very scary for her, and she will cry and howl in the shower.

Nune is very cuddly, she will always come and snuggle while we are on the bed, and makes sure she is always leaning on us, or sleeping against our side - she is a cuddle bug for sure!

She is on a bit of a strange vaccination cycle, but about halfway though all the shots she needs, and her cold and scabies are cleared up now - she just needs some time to grow all her hair back in nicely.

She is VERY energetic and will need a lot of exercise daily, not only physical exercise but also mental games and toys and play time to keep her stimulated indoors - she plays very well with different dog toys and can entertain herself but she also loves a good game of "fetch".

If you are interested in adopting Nune please be prepared to complete an application form very thoroughly, go through a screening process, and come for at least one face to face meet up before any adoption is finalized.

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In a home
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150 000Won
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