John Snow

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For Adoption
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Korean Shorthair
1-3 years
White and tan
Litter trained
Indoor cat

His provisional name is John Snow due to his bravery. He came up to us on the street and decided he wanted to go home with us. He rolled over for a belly rub and then followed us to the car like a puppy. He climbed into the car by himself where he happily ate some cat food and began purring loudly. He rode like that to the vet.
We had the vet do a complete blood work up to determine his health and vacination status. He also got shampooed.
The blood work showed he was current on his shots. He had obviously been someone’s pet. The vet thought he had been on the streets around 10 days. He believes he was abandoned.
We brought him home and gave him a quiet room to recover. He ate a lot and slept a lot. Now he is actively exploring the apartment and had his first pleasant taste of catnip.
He is incredibly friendly and affectionate. He will happily play or curl up with you. He is very interested in our two female cats and has shown some aggression. They are not thrilled with this interloper in their territory, so I am hoping to find a good home for him. I believe he will do best in an environment with no other cats. Things may change if he is neutered.
He is quite small for an adult male. I thought he was a 9 month old kitten, but the vet puts his age at between 1 and 2. He is litter trained and hasn’t shown any signs of scratching or spraying.
He has not been neutered.

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In a home
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200 000Won
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