Adoption Status: 
For Adoption
Needs Foster: 
10 years and over
Mixed Pomeranian
0-5 kg
white and brown
Good with kids
Good with dogs
Good with cats
House trained
Leash trained

(The adoption fee would be returned after 1 year)

His name is Chrong. I gave it because of his beady eyes. ' 초롱Chorong' in Korean means beady.
He has been abandoned on the tunnel from near my house. One of my neighbors told me he saw a couple of man and woman and they put Chorong on the street and ran to their car.. and Chrong followed(but failed...)
The doctor said Chorong looks older than 10.. maybe 13... but it's difficult for me and the most people who know Chorong to believe because he's very cute and smart and cheerful! And he has some senilis illnesses but those are not fatal. Just if you become his family and go out together, the leash is essential because his eyes and ears are not so good. However Chorong really love walking outside and smelling the scents.
Now Chorong is living with my 3 cats and sometimes the spoiled cat hit him but he never fight just suppress and he can wait for his turn when they have a meal and when he want to do a job, he open the door and go to the balcony himself. One more thing, he can understand human's words very well so I am often surprised.
I just hope he can live in full love. His eyes.. still sometimes look very sad.. and judging from his conducts.. he seems to be abused.. but still love human and has many bright sides.
Please contact me if you want to make him really happy and can love him just way he is.. so make his memory filled with pleasure!

Current Location: 
Location Status: 
In a home
Adoption Fee: 
100 000Won
Contact Name: 
Myoungju Lee
Contact Email: