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under 1 year
Jindo mix
0-5 kg

Update 9/1
A Korean employee decided to take them (Bety, Abeba, and another small dog that showed up) so they are gone from the yard. I am told he probably took them home. I hope so.

Update 8/15 I fear it will be too late as males are already hanging out around there, around the mother. She will only just get pregnant again. Here is no hope for either the mom or Bety without fosters. Even to get them spayed and release them back would require somewhere for them to stay to recover from surgery. And that wouldn't guarantee their long term health or safety. There has been interest shown in Bety but as it is difficult if not impossible for possible adopters to meet her, she has no chance.
If immediate fosters or homes aren't found there is nothing more that can be done for them.

Update 7/31
Now 11 weeks old. Her sister, Beza has gone to her forever home but Bety is still waiting for her turn. For an idea of her size, Beza weighed in a 4.86kg and is slightly smaller than Bety.
As it is very difficult to arrange any way to visit the dogs where they are, a foster could mean the difference between being a street dog for life or finding a forever home.

Update 7/22
Now 10 weeks old. To give an idea of size her brother is 4kg.

This little pup (far left of the three pups, the lightest colored pup) desperately needs a foster or forever home.
Bety (an Ethiopian name meaning Bethlehem) currently lives with her mom and sister in a small construction company stock yard in an industrial area of Hanam city very near Jamsil. The mom, Abeba, is a medium sized long haired mix and the father is probably one of the many jindos that roam the area. Bety, her sister Beza, and her mom Abeba, all need fosters or homes, whether together or separate. If a foster or forever home isn't found soon, I fear that they will all end up wandering the streets and all end up pregnant. I also worry about the presence of a country dog meat restaurant around the corner.
The pups and the mom have been all been handled by the workers and are all friendly.
The brother, Mezgebu, the black pup, has found his forever home with us. He was 2.14kg at about 4 weeks old when my husband brought him home. He was checked at the vet and was perfectly healthy.
We would foster them all if we could but we already have our hands too full with two cats, one little pup, and a newborn baby.
Bety is the lightest coloured pup.


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150 000Won
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Laura Barber
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