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For Adoption
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Common Shorthair
1-3 years
Good with kids
Litter trained
Special needs
Indoor cat

Wednesday is a rescue cat. We chose to take her, and her kittens, off the streets as she was too trusting of humans in a neighbourhood that is hostile to cats (poisoning, kicking, running over with cars).

She is an extremely mild and sweet cat. She took no time at all to adjust into our home, despite having come home from the vet after life on the streets. She immediately used the litter tray and that only, and the same with her scratcher.

She is very independent, but also very affectionate. She is a calm little lady who prefers to lounge around, listening to the sounds around her, rather than play vigorously/climb things. She is not picky with food at all, and will always ask very politely with just a quiet little meow or two! One of her favourite things to do is to sit under drying laundry, and to look up at the clothes.

She is well-behaved. She has never scratched a single piece of furniture or knocked anything over. We leave her alone in the room with tempting items like rolls of tissue, and so on, and we come back to the room just as we left it!

Special needs: She is diagnosed with Feline Stomatitis. She is currently on medication, which she has no trouble taking (we mix it into her food, and she eats it with no problem). She responds very well to the medication.

Upon adoption, we shall also provide you with food, toys, and two months' worth of parasite-preventing ointment.

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In a home
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20 000Won
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