Adoption Status: 
For Adoption
Needs Foster: 
under 1 year
Black with white patches on chest and belly (underside)
Litter trained
Special needs
Indoor cat

I rescued gorgeous Ursula off the street last December. She was 100% human-hating feral at the time. I've been working on her patiently, and now I can pet her and even pick her up briefly. Now she loves petting, chin scritches, etc, gives me head bumps, slow blinks and just a few days ago, she even purred while I was stroking her. I named her Ursula (Latin: little bear) because she has a white stripe across her chest just like an Asiatic Black Bear.

I listed her as a special needs kitty because I'm the only human she has ever known. She will almost certainly take some unknown amount of time to adjust to another human. If you give her Ciao Churu and Temptations, that will definitely speed up the process, as she LOVES those treats. You must be patient and dedicated. She may even turn into a lap cat some day. She has gotten along with another rescue kitty in the past, but she's slow to adjust. She would be fine as a solo kitty, too, I think. She prefers moist over dry food, but she does eat the dry while I'm at work.

Fully vaccinated and spayed. She won't need shots again until next year. I'll give you the vet's contact info. Her right eye has always been a little weepy. The vet said it's nothing serious and that she should grow out of it. No other health concerns.

My thing is rescuing and rehoming kitties from the streets or the shelter. If you give Ursula a loving home, you'll be indirectly helping other kitties that are in dire need. Please consider that. :)

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Location Status: 
In a home
Adoption Fee: 
50 000Won
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