Songtan Sally

Adoption Status: 
For Adoption
Needs Foster: 
Korean Shorthair
1-3 years
Tan, White Belly, Brown Stripes
Good with kids
Good with cats
Litter trained

Songtan Sally found me in the Streets around December 2017 and has been staying with me since the third time she followed me home and conned me into feeding her. I got her spaed February. She got a basic check up at this time and was considered healthy. As of August 1, the vet says she has a clean bill of health and full immunization.
This cat is affectionate and extremely people oriented. It's hard not to find her loveable, but my home in the boonies is not a temporary one and I don't know my next step.
The ideal family for Sally is just that - a family. Single person/cat households probably won't stimulate her enough. She is extremely smart, can open sliding doors, and is very people oriented. She will follow you and chat with you everywhere you go. She likes strangers and will follow them. She only has to know you once to come at you for pets. She's not really a cuddler, but for a few seconds at a time, she'll let you hold her.
Maybe another cat could keep Sally happy, but she's definitely not content to wait for you when you're ready for her. She will wake you up for attention if she has to, and if she really needs pets, she will guide your hand to her head with her paw.
I am not giving this cat the attention she needs and deserves. I think it is imperative that she find a family ASAP. As a result, her adoption fee will be 30,000 krw that I will give to another member of Rescue Network Korea who has a good reputation for having fostered a few animals in the past. in order to continue their work.
We're located in the boonies part of Pyeongtaek -.-

Current Location: 
Adoption Fee: 
30 000Won
Contact Name: 
Vivan Doan
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