Adoption Status: 
For Adoption
Needs Foster: 
1-3 years
Mini Pin
0-5 kg
Black and Brown
House trained
Crate trained
Leash trained

Sam is a three year old Mini Pin. I rescued him from the shelter and nursed him back to health.
He was suffering from parvo but pulled through and is a happy pup now!
He's had all of his shots and vaccinations
He is not neutered.
Sam is crate trained and is fine being left alone while I am at work. He doesn't bark or whine.
He however should not live in a house with young children or other dogs because they stress him out.
He is happy to meet children and other dogs on walks however and gets along nicely.

He isn't possessive of toys or food and you can touch him and be around him when he is eating.
He likes to play with balls and knows not to chew on things that aren't his toys
He likes to be picked up and carried around, but he isn't much of a lap dog and prefers to sit next to or behind you.
He's very sweet and shows his affection by rubbing his face all over you or putting his head in your lap.

He is very scared of motorcycles. He will bark and be upset if one drives close to him. If you pick him up and pet him, he calms down.

If you decide that Sam is the boy for you, I will give you all of his toys and his kennel.

Sam is a very good boy, please consider making him yours!

Current Location: 
Location Status: 
In a home
Adoption Fee: 
20 000Won
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