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For Adoption
Needs Foster: 
under 1 year
Litter trained
Indoor cat

Mittens got her name because she has four white "mittens." She's almost a tortiseshell, but since she has some white areas, she's technically a calico. I rescued her just over a week ago on 10/29, and she's already sleeping on my chest/lap, purring, giving me headbutts, etc. She's got a very mild, loving personality! I gave her a bath about half an hour ago, and though she didn't like it very much, she didn't fight it too much, either. Now she's already forgiven me and is cuddled beside me again grooming herself!

Health-wise, she was sneezy and had a runny nose when I rescued her. She's been on antibiotics, though, and it's cleared up a lot. She won't get vaccinated until it's 100% cleared up. She still has a few skin scrapes from her hard street life, but nothing serious. She doesn't seem to have a voice, or if she does, it's so quiet that I can barely hear it. She opens her mouth to meow, but almost nothing audible comes out. She won't be bothering your neighbors, that's for sure!

I have no idea how she'll be with kids or dogs. I rescued another kitty last night, though, and although Mittens hasn't warmed up to him yet, she's not aggressive towards him and lets him get near her. I think in a day or two they'll be fine with each other.

My thing is to rescue and rehome as many cats as I can. I already have my eye on the next one, but I need to make room for him by finding a good forever home for one of these that I already have. That means that if you take Mittens into your life, you'll actually be helping get two kitties off the streets. Of course, all adoptions start off on a trial basis, but I do require that you be seriously devoted, committed and prepared to give her a permanent, loving home if things do work out between you and her. She's an angel and a sweetie, and I don't want her to wind up on the streets again. We're in Cheongju, Chungbuk Province.

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In a home
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50 000Won
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