Miss Meow

Adoption Status: 
For Adoption
Needs Foster: 
Domestic Short hair
under 1 year
Good with kids
Good with cats
Litter trained
Indoor cat

Miss Meow is a 3 month old female ginger kitten. She came to us on a very rainy day in July as a tiny 3 week old baby with a broken tooth and a cut on her face. A co-worker was on her way down the hill when she heard the little meows coming from somewhere in between the rocks and shrubs. After a quick look, she found Miss Meow, soaking wet and all by herself. There were no siblings or mom to be seen or heard nearby, so she was rolled up in a shirt and brought to us. We took her to the vet and her tooth was pulled to avoid infection. She also got some antibiotic ointment for the cut and it healed very quickly.
Miss Meow curled up for her first nap right after the vet and purred up a storm on the way back to work. She spent the next few days coming to school and got lots of love and attention from all the adoring little and big hands around. Miss Meow didn't want to stay in the teachers room by herself after a few days and any time the door would open she would charge for a classroom where there were kids to play with :) We started leaving her at home during the day and she did great being surrounded by all the other fur babies.
After about a week, Miss Meow showed some signs of ringworm on her face and paws. Luckily we have had many rounds with this particular sparring partner before and after some quick action that included anti-fungal ointments and a bath every second day, Miss Meow is finally ready for her forever home!
She is fully litter trained, loves to be around other cats and her absolute best and most adorning quality; she is great with kids! Miss Meow absolutely adores our 1 year old. She follows her around everywhere, enjoys watching her in the bath (and yes she has ended up in the bath on more than one occasion), sleeps with her and cleans her feet when it's time to go to bed! They love to sit on their chair and watch Teletubbies together :) They are the best of friends and as much as we would love to keep Miss Meow, our house if filled to the max with furry friends (5 high maintenance long haired cats and one special needs senior).
Miss Meow eats well, has been trained to use a scratch post and she has had her first round of vaccinations. She is a very energetic kitten, but she also loves to snuggle and can purr up a storm when it's nap time.
If your family is ready for fun or if you are looking to add some excitement and just a whole lot of purry, furry love to your life please call or message me on 010-2838-2014 or send an email to janine.louw@yahoo.com. We are located in Kyunglidan, Yongsan-gu and you are welcome to stop by and meet Miss Meow :)

*Please note that there will be an adoption application form for potential adopters as a way to ensure that the forever home and Miss Meow is a good fit for each other. There is also a minimal adoption fee. This fee by no means even begin to cover the cost of foster care and rescue work, but it serves to ensure that new owners are aware that owning a pet will have financial implications and it does help to cover at least some of the vet care received.

Current Location: 
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In a home
Adoption Fee: 
75 000Won
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Janine Louw
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