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For Adoption
Needs Foster: 
1-3 years
10-15 kg
Good with kids
Good with dogs
Good with cats
House trained
Leash trained

Mina is the most affectionate dog you'll ever meet. She's 2 and a half years old, and she LOVES people. She's a definite cuddler. She loves to play fetch or tug of war, and she can run like crazy. She is really obedient and is used to a leash. She does pull sometimes, but as long as you pull her back, she's fine. But if you let her pull you, she'll pull you around just cuz she thinks it's a game. She's extremely well behaved and hardly ever barks. She knows how to sit, stay, and "not do" something... in Korean. But she's really smart so you could easily teach her the commands in English. She learns commands and tricks easily. Mina only goes potty outside. And she can wait a long time if she has to~ she RARELY has an accident... and it was usually the fault of the owner if she did. Mina hasn't had that much exposure to other cats or dogs. But she and her cat sister got along really well. They would play fight and lick each other. Mina even helped take care of her cat sister's kittens. At the park, Mina usually got along with other dogs well unless they barked at her first, or unless they were trying to decide dominance.

Miba does get excited when she meets new people or is in new situations. And sometimes she temporarily goes a little crazy because she's overwhelmed with all the new things happening and new smells, etc. But she does get adjusted pretty easily and calms down. Mina also doesn't like being on her leash for longer than an hour. Her previous owner always gave her a lot of freedom, and even let her go on walks sometimes without one. So when she's leashed for too long, then she wants to get out of it pretty badly.

Mina was found on Jindo island at 1 month old, and seemed quite traumatized, so her previous owner took her in. For a year and a half, the owner was able to feed and provide for Mina well. But for the past year, the owner hasn't been able to properly care for Mina due to complications with her work, moving across the country, etc. Mina is left alone for 10+ hours a day, and the owner is barely able to feed Mina, and cannot properly take care of Mina's health. It is the previous owner's wish that Mina have a warm and happy home, where she can get the love and attention she deserves, as well as be fed consistently and enjoy her full health and vitality. Mina is the most loyal, affectionate, well behaved dog. She really deserves a stable and loving forever home. ♡

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50 000Won
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