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Korean short hair
under 1 year
White and black
Good with kids
Good with cats
Indoor cat

I found Merry about 3 weeks ago, with her twin sister (Lessie) she was so scared from me, from everything, and escape from me few times before I catch her, but I knew that I need to because she was very weak, sick, couldn't see, half of her tail torn away, and I knew that she need to have a medicine treatment as soon as possible. So, even when she didn't want to get close to me, I catch her and brought her to my home, and after that to the vet clinic.

She got the treatment, and her eyes become to be much better, now she can see with both of the eyes!

Step, by step she started to trust me more and more, and after two-three weeks his fear gone, now the thing that she loves the most is to be in someone arm, so that person can also stroke her, and she will gargle.

In these days she still take medicine and will finish with all the medicine about a month from now, after that the veterinarian said that it will be possible, when she will be healthy, to start with the Vaccinating.

She is now in my home, in Seoul, but from a lovely, sweet forever home I will bring her to any location in S.Korea.

for any information, my Email address:
Kakao ID: Nas16

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In a home
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15 000Won
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Vigovski Anatasia
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