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For Adoption
Needs Foster: 
Short haired
1-3 years
Black, brown, white.
Litter trained
Indoor cat

Update: He is currently in a foster home near Jamsil station. He doesn't have any diseases, but his antibodies are low. The vet said he will need 3 vaccines. After his 3rd one (if his antibody levels are high enough) then he can get neutered.

He didn't meow at all at the vets, in the taxi or on the subway. He is a bit shy, but he is very friendly.

A mom of 2 of my students at my hagwon, who owns a restaurant nearby rescued a street cat a while back. He lives in a small space in the back of her restaurant on a small leash so he’s only able to go to the litter box, food bowls and the bed. This is why he needs a new home (even a temporary one) ASAP.

She said he’s about 1 year old (he looks older to me), has only had 2 vaccines and is not neutered. He was a bit nervous of me, but he let the mother pet him several times.

If someone can foster him first, he can get used to being in an apartment, walking freely, and be able to get neutered. Then I think he would have a better chance at getting adopted.

I’ll help with the medical costs of having him checked and his 3rd vaccine. I would also go half on neutering. I will also keep working to find a forever home if someone fosters him.

I live in Northern Seoul (near Madeul station), but I can travel almost anywhere in Seoul, and meet halfway for people living in Suwon or even Incheon.

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In a home
Adoption Fee: 
50 000Won
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