Listing Policies

For a smooth experience on our site, we appreciate your cooperation and adherence to our community guidelines. Whenever possible, listers will be notified if their listing does not follow our guidelines and given the opportunity to edit. However, failure to comply may result in deletion of your listing without prior warning.

ONE animal per listing. Please only list one animal in your listing. If the animal is in a bonded pair, you can select “bonded pair” in the list of description options provided. In the written description box, please include a link to the other animal’s listing or just their name.

Only type the NAME of the animal in the name field. Please don't add things like "urgent" or any additional information. Please use a name and not a description like "Baby" "Kitten" "Puppy" etc. You can include this in the description field. Please use only English characters. Do not post the animal’s name in Hangeul. Also, to avoid errors in your upload, please keep the name short (example: "David", not "David formerly Socks").

Only post LANDSCAPE photos. Please post photos taken in landscape view (“long” ways). Photos in vertical view (“tall” ways) will be cut off and site viewers will not see the full image of the cutie you’ve listed.

The animal MUST be in your possession. Only list animals that you have in your possession. Please do NOT post about animals you’ve seen on the street if you did not take the animal in. Please also do not post for animals in a government pound. We know you want to help these animals, but the best way would be to take them in as a foster family or take them to a local no-kill shelter. If you are posting on behalf of a no-kill shelter, you must provide written authorization from the shelter owner that you are the designated contact for posting listings.

Use YOUR email address and respond to ALL inquires. The contact email for each listing MUST belong to the person that created the listing. This person should have authority to process adoption applications for the listed animal. The contact person must speak English. If you are posting on behalf of a non-English speaking acquaintance or facility, please be sure to follow all other guidelines. After listing an animal, you have agreed to answer all inquiries in a timely fashion. If several complaints are received regarding an unresponsive lister, the listing will be removed from the site and the user will be issued a warning. Several incidences will result in the user being blacklisted.

DELETE your listing after adoption. Please delete the listing for the animal when adoption is no longer needed. Rescue Korea has received several complaints from would-be adopters regarding abandoned listings and unresponsive listers. Keep in mind that unhappy adopters will lead to less visits and recommendations to use our site. To make sure our furry friends here have the highest chances of find loving homes, please use the site responsibly.

You will be sent “Check-in” emails periodically to make sure that you comply with this request. Failure to respond in a timely manner will result in deletion of your post as it will be automatically considered “abandoned”.

How to List an Animal

1- Make an Account. After reading through the listing guidelines, you’re ready to post your listing! Click “Login” in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Then, select “Create new account” and fill in the required fields. When you are finished, hit the green “Create New Account” button. You will be sent an email with your initial login information and prompted to change your password and user information.

2- Add a new listing. Now that you are a member, you will see new options in the drop down menu for “Pet Adoption”. Please select “Add a New Listing” followed by the type of animal.

3- Create your listing. You will be taken to a listing form. Simply fill in all relevant information and upload a photo/photos in accordance with the listing guidelines. When you have finished, check that everything is in order by clicking “Preview” and finally “Save”.


How to Edit & Delete A Listing
Login to your account and open the listing for the animal. You will see two options on your listing, “View” and “Edit”. Click “Edit”. You will then have the freedom to update any of the information regarding the animal OR to delete the listing.


Additional Help
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