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Korean Short hair
under 1 year
White and Black
Good with kids
Good with cats
Indoor cat


Lissie was found about 3 weeks ago.
She is sweet, lovely, always want to play, a little kitty, needs a lot of love.
I found Lissy when she was very sick, scared, starved and lost her both eyes.

Unfortunately, she will stay blind. -BUT blind cats are just the same as all the cats! My family have 2 blind cats, and you will never guess that they are blind, because they are doing everything just as all the cats! As well, as even to catch a little fly that flying and so on!
She don't need ANY SPECIAL TREATMENT, the only treatment is to treat her as any other seeing cat. Cat have very powerful and strong senses, as hearing, and eyes not needed for cats necessary for living very well, happy life. (-If you have more question please ask me, Since my family has 2 blind cats I have lots of expirense and I promise you will see that there is no different at all between blind and seeing cat)

She is so sweet, and just waiting for forever sweet home.

In these days, she is still very weak and taking medicine, the veterinarian said that she is doing very well, and after one month from now she will finish with all the medicine care, and should to be in a well health.

She is now in my home, in Seoul, but from a lovely, sweet forever home I will bring her to any location in S.Korea.

for any information, my Email address:
Kakao ID: Nas16

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In a home
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15 000Won
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Vigovski Anastasia
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