Adoption Status: 
For Adoption
Needs Foster: 
1-3 years
0-5 kg
White and orange
Good with kids
Good with dogs

Lindsey was one of dogs rescued by Beagle Rescue Network (BRN) when we closed down an illegal puppy mill in a dump.
It is hard to tell what breed she might be but she is VERY small and the sweetest pup in our shelter.

She loves to be around people even though she is a bit frightened when picked up showing her belly.
You would be very surprised to see how good she is at jumping despite her size. She jumps over a dog gate and gets out of her room whenever she sees people outside! What a smart little girl :)

Lindsey also gets along well with other dogs in the same room. It is not like she plays or chases them but she does not bully or fight with them at all. We also have not heard her barking yet. She has been in foster care before and it seemed she was a bit scared of going walks at first. After she settled in new environment, she learned how to enjoy walks though. It is probably because she had been living in the dump before she came to us and does not have many outdoor experience.

We are looking for a forever family this lovely girl deserves for.
Or even a foster family. Our shelter is very crowded as we are at maximum capacity, so it would be better for her to be in foster care than the shelter.

-BRN would be able to help with transport so it does not matter where in Korea you live.
- Fostering period: 2 months
-Lindsey is spayed and up to date with vaccinations.
-Baby gate will be provided and they must be put up on your door to prevent dogs bolting out.

Current Location: 
Location Status: 
In a shelter
Beagle Rescue Network
Adoption Fee: 
200 000Won
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