Kalahari (Kali)

Adoption Status: 
For Adoption
Needs Foster: 
under 1 year
Good with cats
Litter trained
Indoor cat

Meet your new best friend! Kalahari is the most social being (of any species) that I've ever met. He just loves playing with people and other cats. He can nap and play independently, but he gets a lot of joy just from being on the same sofa as someone else. And if you want to play, even better: this is a cat that loves to play fetch! And when he's tired out, he'll curl up beside you or on your lap - so he makes a great little snuggle partner.
Kali is about 3 months old, so he's at the perfect age for adoption. He can sleep alone (although he'd prefer to join you!) and doesn't require the round-the-clock care, but he still has all the adorable playfulness and curiosity of a kitten.
He's confident, friendly, affectionate and funny. He's the perfect little juvenile cat! He loves attention and would thrive in a forever home with another cat or stay-at-home worker - but he will be happy in any home as long as you love him.

Kalahari's story:
Kalahari was rescued from the side of a highway in Gangwondo during the typhoon in late August. He was covered in oil and starving. Even in this weakened and desperate state, he demonstrated his friendly nature and determination to survive. He walked right up to me to rub his face on my legs, and then jumped onto a tree to hunt a bug! It was immediately obvious that he was a survivor.
In the two months since then, Kalahari has grown up so much. The local vet estimated he was about 4 weeks old when found, making him around 3 months old now, as mentioned above. His coat is now shiny and healthy: he's a ginger with little white socks and a white bib! He's grown strong too: he loves to jump and run. He got a clean bill of health from the vet last month, but I was told he's still just a little too young to get fixed and get all of his shots. I also think it would be better for him to see a pet specialist in a bigger city, so he can receive the best possible care. I'm happy to help facilitate this for his future family or foster home.
Unfortunately, I am unable to keep him, although I absolutely love the little guy. In addition to serious allergies, my contract here is almost up. Initially I'd had a family member lined up to take him in, but our plans didn't work out. So I'm looking for you: a warm-hearted soul with some time and affection to spare. Would you like to befriend this sweet little guy and make a friend for life? Please reach out. We can't wait to hear from you.

Current Location: 
Location Status: 
In a home
Adoption Fee: 
100 000Won
Contact Name: 
Carrie Stander
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