Adoption Status: 
Needs Foster: 
3-6 years
5-10 kg
Black, brown, white mixed
Good with kids
House trained
Leash trained

Hi everyone~

About a month ago, on our way home from a late night movie, a little guy ran across the pedestrian during the green man light and sat himself before us. My housemates and I didn’t know what to do about this little guy who was then crying and whimpering, trembling terribly. Unsure if he was lost or abandoned, we brought him over to the police station - our only option since it was the middle of the night. However, there was nothing much the police could do except to contact us if anyone comes finding him. So we decided to take this little guy, whom we then named Green, home for the night. The next day we took Green to the animal hospital to scan him for a microchip or any signs of an owner. But he had none. After a health check up we were informed he had a severe ear infection and we proceeded with treatment immediately. Green has now fully recovered from his ear infection~

During the past one month+ under our foster, we have given Green two crucial vaccinations (combo vaccination and rabies) and a groomed up look. While we love Green with all our hearts, the hospitals bills kept rising upon every vet visit and we, being college students who have to survive on a limited amount of funds that mostly go from hand to mouth, didn’t know how long more we could bear the costs. Spatially, we will each be traveling in/out of Korea before graduating and permanently leaving in a few months. As much as we would love to bring Green home with us, we each live in different home countries and the procedures to bring a pet to another country are too financially overwhelming for us to manage. We are sincerely hoping we could find Green a new owner who would be able to provide better for him in these terms. If anyone would like to adopt a kind, silent, well trained and extremely loving dog (within Korea), please do let us know. This is Green’s story and we hope he finds what he truly deserves very soon - a permanent home with lots of love.

Current Location: 
Location Status: 
In a home
Adoption Fee: 
100 000Won
Contact Name: 
Matilda Fernandes
Contact Email: