Adoption Status: 
For Adoption
Needs Foster: 
Siberian/Maine Coon
1-3 years
Dilute calico
Good with cats
Indoor cat

Frisk is the daughter of my Siberian Clara (also listed for adoption) and my pedigreed Maine Coon. She has always been shy around people, but has recently been getting a bit more friendly. Our financial situation is not good, so we are trying to rehome several of our cats so that they can have better lives.

She is sweet with people she knows, but is not really a snuggler, just likes petting and scratches. She’s currently shaved for summer, as her winter coat was too long and thick to manage well and became tangled when she was shedding. She’s been around several dogs that she’s gotten along well with, but every dog is different and she’s been aggressive towards strange dogs she’s met through our window or while on a leash.

She is not yet neutered and her vaccinations are a bit out of date, so I’m willing to waive the adoption fee if I can bring her directly to the adopter’s vet and have these done right away. She is not declawed, and I will not adopt to anyone who will declaw.

Current Location: 
Location Status: 
In a home
Adoption Fee: 
150 000Won
Contact Name: 
Michelle Park
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