Adoption Status: 
For Adoption
Needs Foster: 
American shorthair
1-3 years
Black and brown with ginger belly
Good with cats
Litter trained

Doongie (토뚱이) is a friendly and lovable foster that I picked up from a local shelter. Other than being a little chubby he is in good health. He is on a diet and slowly losing weight. The vet guesses that he is around 2.5 years old.

Doongie is incredibly comfortable with people and came right up to me to demand head scritches the first time I met him. He is fine with other cats, although he’s not the most social. He doesn’t seem bothered when we’re around dogs at the vet, but I’ve never seen him interact. If you have a pet, I would like to do a meet and greet before adoption.

Doongie absolutely LOVES to cuddle. His other interests include looking out the window, chasing his tail (he’s pretty good at catching it!), and any and everything dangly. He’s the type of cat who will greet you at the door when you come home and sleep next to you at night. One of his quirks is that he loves to lick his human. He’ll use both paws to pull your hand towards him just to lick it. He does occasionally give (gentle) love bites, so he may not be the best cat for a family with small children.

Overall, Doongie is a laidback and easy cat. He can even handle being alone for a weekend, but he’ll need some extra attention when you get back.

I’m looking for a true forever home for Doongie. Whoever adopts him must plan to either stay in Korea long term or take him back to their home country. I absolutely adore Doongie and fostering him has brought me immense joy. My future is just too uncertain to guarantee him a forever home, which is what he deserves.

Adoption fee is 50,000won, which will be donated to Hannah Shelter in Daegu.

Current Location: 
Location Status: 
In a home
Adoption Fee: 
50 000Won
Contact Name: 
Claire Enders
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