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Korean Short Hair
under 1 year
Litter trained
Special needs
Indoor cat

I found her crying on June 16, 2018 behind my apartment. She had a horrible eye infection, just red swollen flesh in her left eye, leaking pus that was caked with debris. I thought her eye was gone. Vet said it's most likely feline herpes virus causing a severe conjuctivitis or something like that. Been using the prescribed eyedrops and I can see her eye now. Vet said even though she still has her left eye she'll be probably be blind in that eye. It's very cloudy. As of June 30th, her eye has cleared up tremendously. Still cloudy but looks lightyears better than when I found her. She sees with her right eye just fine and I'm not even sure I'd call her a special needs cat as she is just as playful and energetic as a cat with both eyes. She doesn't need help with anything. Despite the bad eye, she's a normal, healthy kitty. As of June 30th, 2018, Vet says she's about 6 weeks to 7 weeks old.

She was suprisingly friendly and playful the day I found her. She seems to love human contact and follows my GF and I around our one room. She has a foot fetish as she loves chasing feet lol. She is litter trained and LOVES food and isn't shy to let you know she's hungry. She'll curl up by your feet and loves having her chin rubbed. I'd love to keep her, but I have a small one room, cat allergies, and insomnia. I just couldn't leave her out there with her eye all messed up like that.
I felt so bad for her. If you have any questions regarding Cookie, feel free to ask. I'm looking for a forever adopter, someone who will care for her and love her and provide her a great home.

The first pic of her sleeping with her eye all messed up is from the day I found her. The rest are more recent.

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