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For Adoption
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Turkish Angora
3-6 years

Coco was found at a street in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do.
I first saw her last winter when she was white and looked healthier. But this spring, when I saw her again, she looked very ill that it was quite obvious she was suffering from stomatitis (mouth infection). I rescued her in early June, took her to a vet clinic nearby. All of her teeth were rotten and therefore causing stomatitis that the vet decided to remove the teeth to prevent further infection. Other than that, her blood test has shown that she does not have any other health issue.

One of my neighbors told me that she was once owned by a family but they left her in the area as they moved away. As she already has an experience, she is not against humans although it would take her some time to adjust herself to the environment. She used to follow me once or twice when I fed her on the street.

She is now with her foster in Seoul readjusting herself to the indoor life. Coco likes to be on the sofa and get a lot of sunshine. She only weighs about 2.5-3kg (6-7pounds), but she's been eating well since her operation.

One final thing, I'm not sure if Coco is spayed yet. She has not given birth recently nor have I seen her pregnant, but one of the vets told me she does seem to have ovaries (he checked through ultrasound). Hence, it's possible that she's not neutered yet.

The adoption fee is 50,000won but I'd return it in the form of cat food or toys when she gets neutered (if she's not).

Coco urgently needs a home as she can't stay with her current foster very long.
Please help Coco find her forever home!

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In a home
Adoption Fee: 
50 000Won
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Young Shin Lim
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