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For Adoption
Needs Foster: 
Domestic shorthair
under 1 year
Good with kids
Good with dogs
Good with cats
Litter trained
Indoor cat

Cheeto has the ultimate personality! He has never met a stranger of any species. The person who picked him up at a bus stop in Chungju (충주) has two dogs and Cheeto never batted an eye. Also, when I went there to take him in, I picked him up and he was purring within seconds. I have another cat that I'm fostering, and he was instant friends with her, too.

I also took him to one of my (university) classes, and he melted their hearts. He went from one student's arms to the next without stopping his purrs.

For another example, the vet has four cats and a dog that roam his clinic. I let Cheeto out and within a minute he was rolling around on the floor with the dog. He was also cozy with the cats, but the dog is the most active, so they played the most.

Cheeto has had his first set of vaccinations, and we'll give him the second set next week. He had a bad cough when he was first rescued, but he's had a couple of rounds of antibiotics, and it's all but cleared up.

I named him Cheeto because something happened to his tail to make it short and kinda twisted up. It kinda looks like a Cheeto.

A friend of mine has a litter of seven kittens (with mom) outside his apartment. I can't take them in until Cheeto gets a forever home, so if you're the one to give him that home, you'll be helping a LOT more than just one kitty! Think it over and let me know if you're seriously interested.

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Location Status: 
In a home
Adoption Fee: 
50 000Won
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Audie Wilkinson
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