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For Adoption
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Korean Shorthair
under 1 year
Tabby & White

Cas is a very curious, very active kitten. He has quickly taken to people and will climb over our legs and onto our laps when looking around a room and looking to play and chase. He is good sized, eats well, and is litter trained. He plays with his brothers and sisters a lot, enjoying play-fighting and rolling around with them. He is very fun to play with and he either tolerates or enjoys belly rubs, which is very lucky for a cat! (Our cats get grumpy about belly rubs)

This is a kitten from Patience’s litter. The litter had 7 kittens, and we have created profiles for them here. They have all received their first round of vaccinations. Two have been adopted, five are available to be taken to their new homes.

Which five kittens?



In April, a street cat who had waited for us to come home to be fed started to look very pregnant. We didn’t want any harm to come to her little babies, as is so common to street cat kittens, so we trapped her and took her in. Patience then had 7 little fuzzy babies. It’s a large litter for any cat, but she was a great mom and the little kittens are all doing well and ready to be adopted. She is very feral, and not ready to live in a home. We hoped through almost three months in our home she would show any signs of being less wild, but she is just as feral as when we first took her in. We had her spayed just before posting these profiles, and we will re-release her back outside soon, where she will be much happier, and the kittens who are about finished weaning are ready to be adopted!

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In a home
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100 000Won
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Janell Cokeroft
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