Adoption Status: 
For Adoption
Needs Foster: 
Turkish Angora
3-6 years
Good with cats
Litter trained

Bonnie was found at a street close to Ewha University, Seoul.
I saw a post in Facebook where someone asked for urgent help to rescue Bonnie as she was in a very bad condition. After few days (in August) we were able to catch her and took her to a vet clinic. All of her teeth were rotten and therefore causing stomatitis that the vet decided to remove the teeth to prevent further infection. Her blood test has shown that she does not have any other health issue, but she is FCV positive. She is recovering from it and she lives with my other cats without issue as they are vaccinated. After view days I realized that she is limp and I keep an eye on it if it is getting better or if further examination is required.
One lady told us that she was feeding the cat for few years, but based on her behavior I am sure that she has an experience how it is to live with a family. She is using the litter from the first day and is not destroying anything at my home. She is not against humans although it would take her some time to adjust herself to them. She is moving around in my apartment and is very curious what is going on. She is a very beautiful girl, but marked from her awful days on the street. .
She is now with me in Seoul re-adjusting herself to the indoor life. She only weighs about 2.5-3kg (6-7pounds), but she's been eating well since her teeth surgery.
One final thing, I'm not sure if Bonnie is spayed yet. Therefore, it's possible that she's not neutered yet. I am happy to contribute to get her neutered (in case she isn’t) when she finds a nice new home.
Bonnie urgently needs a home or foster as I have to leave Korea September 25. I am happy to take her later after she is fully recovered, ready to fly and has all vaccinations (Rabbit shot and a mind. 30 day stay in Korea is needed).
The adoption fee is 50,000won but I'd return it to a private shelter in Seoul.
Please help Bonnie to find her a lovely new home or foster family. This cute and beautiful kitten deserves a 2nd chance. I am sure, when you look into her crystal blue eyes, you will fall in love immediately.

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Location Status: 
In a home
Adoption Fee: 
50 000Won
Contact Name: 
Sandra Huber
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