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For Adoption
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Korean Shorthair
under 1 year
Good with kids
Good with cats
Litter trained
Bonded pair
Indoor cat

Meet Bodang!

She is in a bonded pair with her sister, Natasha, who she gets along with perfectly. Please consider them both!

Natasha and Bodang are 11 month old sisters who are looking for their forever home. They are both very loving and affectionate kitties who need a loving and affectionate home. If possible, the foster mom would want them adopted to the same home, since they've been together their whole lives. Plus--two kittens keep each other company while the owner is away! They are very sweet to one another, sleep/play together, and never fight. They're very gorgeous little girls and loved very much!

Natasha and Bodang were found on the street as babies and taken in by the ssave-cat shelter days before they were scheduled to be euthanized. Their foster mother then immediately took them in and began nursing them back to health.

Both cats are spayed and well groomed and caught up on their vaccinations. Both cats have a clean bill of health and have no ongoing health issues. The foster mom has put a lot of money into their medical care, so they are in tip-top shape! Both cats are affectionate and well-socialized, as their foster mother has had them since they were about a month old.

Personality: Laid-back and independent. Slightly timid with new people, but once she's comfortable she will openly love and cuddle them. She loves playing with the teaser toy and if you let her, will play until she drops. Otherwise, very relaxed and enjoys sleeping at your side. Un-aggressive, gentle, and would be great with children.

Both kittens are currently in foster care, but the foster mother can't be home often enough to love them as much as they need and can't keep them permanently, as she is becoming busier. If you are looking for great family cats, then please message me!


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In a home
Adoption Fee: 
100 000Won