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For Adoption
Needs Foster: 
under 1 year
Litter trained
Indoor cat

Hello there,

This is birdy.
I found birdy about three weeks ago, hungry and dirty, all by himself.
He had a little hair tie around his neck, with a ribbon, therefore I assume that someones cat got a litter of kittens, and they didn’t want to keep them.
First thing I noticed was how social he is.
He came up to me right away, meowing and rubbing himself on me.
As we went to the vet, we found out he’s around 8-10 weeks old, and FIV -.
We tested him for the three major cat diseases and they came luckily all back negative.
Currently we’re batteling a ringworm infection, which will clear up within the next 3 weeks.
Other than that, he’s perfectly healthy.
He hasn’t received his vaccines as of yet, if that is something you would be able to do, great, if not we will take care of it.

Birdies personality is incredible fun and energetic.
He’s wanting to play all day, and if not he comes up to your lap and takes a nap.
He’s used the litter box from the very start, therefore i would say he’s definitely litter trained.

I would like to give birdy to a family or person who preferably has another cat, or a lot of time on their hands.
In my opinion, kittens need extra attention, so if he has a play partner that would be amazing.

Also, i really want to make sure that you’re in it for his lifetime. So, if you leave Korea, he’s gotta come with you. ^^
Otherwise, I rather keep him because I don’t believe in giving pets away. I own two cats myself already, and three is a bit much for us.

Birdie is an absolute sweetheart and you’ll fall in love with him quickly. ^^

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In a home
Adoption Fee: 
10 000Won
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