Adoption Status: 
For Adoption
Needs Foster: 
1-3 years
5-10 kg
Good with kids
Good with dogs
House trained
Leash trained

Berry is a small-medium-sized dog seeking for a loving family to be part of. He is about 18 months old and 7 kg..
Berry was brought last year into the yard of our small apartment building by our neighbor as a puppy but left in a cage outside and nobody was really taking care of him. I started to take him out for walks every day and feed him regularly and last winter it was so cold that we brought him inside our apartment. Our neighbor left him with us and we agreed with him to find a family to take care of him. Now he is together with our family.
However, we cannot easily keep him because of my husband’s and my schedule. My husband works far away and he comes home very late. Moreover, in December I have to go back to Italy for a month or more to take care of my 95-year-old mother!
Berry has a very good and gentle temperament. He is affectionate, good with children (patient) and responsive to affection. He is partially trained and quickly understands if he is not supposed to do something (he is very intelligent).
He is basically house-trained in that he always waits until we take him out to relieve himself– we do not need a sand-box. (There is a big yard with wild land nearby.) He has never dirtied the house. I bath him without any troubles.
Berry loves to be around people, but he really needs a permanent, loving home, with a family who can give him daily care and lots of love.
He is vaccinated up to date (next vaccinations schedule at beginning of November 2019)

We are in Guri city, adjacent to Seoul.

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In a home
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Lucilla Gray
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