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For Adoption
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Turkish Angora
1-3 years
Litter trained

Adrian is a 2.5 year old Turkish Angora with odd eyes.

I met him at a convenience store in Goesan, Chungcheong-do last Saturday (Sept. 29, 2018).
I was told by the store owner that he was abandoned by his two previous owners.
His first owner transferred his ownership to the second owner as they moved away.
However, he ran away or was abandoned by the second owner. Later, the store owner (who I think is an acquaintance of the first owner) told the first owner to take him back. The first owner said she did bring him back a few times, but he ran away to the convenience store again. At the end of the day, she is unwilling to take him back and has asked me to take a good care of him when I asked her if I could take him.

I rescued him because of his back wound and he is very affectionate and friendly to humans. I brought him to Seoul and took him to the vet for his back wound and ear infection. His wounds are much better now. Other than his wounds and dirty ears, he does not have any other health issue.

He's about 4.5kg but needs to gain more weight; he's quite big in size.

He is not neutered yet- I think this was why he ran out of the house so often. That said, the adopter must agree to fix him.

He'd good around people; very affectionate and friendly and loves playing and eating. He'll be a very good family cat. I hope the adopter would be someone who can give him a lot of play time so he won't feel bored.

I can bring him to your place so I would know where he'd be living in for the rest of his life. I hope the adopter would be someone who wouldn't mind my visit.

He was already abandoned twice, and I want to find the best home for him.

Please leave your phone number or other means to contact besides the email when sending me an email so we can communicate better ! Thank you !

(Adoption fee will be returned when he gets neutered)

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In a home
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70 000Won
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Young Shin Lim
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